Despite the challenges of building a strong staff team and preparing the server for release in such a short time, we've done it! Let us be the first ones to welcome you to the new FacsRPG.

A few updates since the last map
  • Active class abilities. In addition to passive abilities you can upgrade at the Class NPC, you can now wield your class into battle with class-specific abilities. No spoilers here, see for yourself!
  • Passive class abilities. Skill points are used to upgrade perks for your class. You can earn skill points by doing quests, and redeem them at the 'Class' NPC at spawn.
  • New supply crate system. Look out for random crate drops in the wilderness - don't miss the chance to pick up god gear!
Ban Reset
We have done a network wide ban reset! All bans in-game, on buycraft and on the website have been lifted!

Corner Claims
ONE overworld and end corner is the max per faction. Bitch claiming is strictly prohibited. You get to the corner first, you own the corner.

Faction Player LImit
A single faction may not exceed 50 players.

$1,500 Top Faction Rewards
Paid to the faction leader on the final day of the season.

A few questions to be answered:

Q: What's going to happen to old donators?
A: Your rank will be retained. If you don't see your rank in-game, hop into the support channel on our discord, or make a support thread on the forums, and we'll be right with you.

Q: When exactly will the server be released, and how long will the season last?
A: Today! July 20th, Friday 4:00 PM EST (1:00PM PST) The map will span 1~2 months.

For further inquiries, reach us on discord @ LordLana#7631 and Joseph#1234.