Good morning! It is my privilege to declare that FactionsRPG will be expanding into a network with PvPStreet, joining our forces in player support, development, and staff crew. From this day henceforth, we will be known as the PvPStreet Network. On our Season 1 release (date to be announced), we will introduce two gamemodes - Factions and Skyblock. Providing you with a fun, engaging, bug-free, and unique gameplay experience is our highest priority. Working with my talented new associates, @PluginStuff, and @Connectify, we will publish a gaming platform unmatched by our competitors.
Website and Webstore

On joining the PvPStreet hub, you will cross into either the Factions Avenue or Skyblock Avenue portals. You may also navigate game connection with a compass on your hotbar. Players will access the factions and skyblock stores separately, on
When the website is published, it will be accessible from

Donator Ranks
Purchased ranks from FactionsRPG, namely Knight, Warrior, Hero, Legend, and Immortal, will transfer directly to Factions Avenue.
Purchased ranks from PvPStreet, namely VIP, MVP, PRO, TITAN, TITAN+, will transfer directly to Skyblock Avenue.

I'm so excited to open PvPStreet. More info to come!

FactionsRPG (Map 4)

We are proud to announce that our live season will open on Saturday, Nov 17th, 2:00 PM EST.
Faction leaders controlling at least 10 active players may request a power-pack @ our discord.

The Power Pack contains:
⋆ $25 U.S. gift card ( ⋆
⋆ 11x11 Trench Pickaxe x1
5x5 Trench Pickaxe x1 ⋆
Sell Wand [2000 Uses] x1 ⋆
Common Crate Key x3 ⋆

If you meet the requirements, join our discord and create a ticket by typing -new in the bot-commands channel.

Weekly Top Faction Payout

FTop 1st Place

⋆ $40 USD PayPal, Prepaid Visa/Mastercard, or Bitcoin ⋆
⋆ $20 USD Amazon Giftcard ⋆⋆ $100 USD Store Balance @ ⋆

FTop 2nd Place
⋆ $30 USD PayPal, Prepaid Visa/Mastercard, or Bitcoin ⋆
⋆ $50 USD Store Balance @ ⋆

FTop 3rd Place

⋆ $20 USD PayPal, Prepaid Visa/Mastercard, or Bitcoin ⋆
⋆ $50 USD Store Balance @ ⋆
This is the very first update that I will be posting on the forums.
The beta season ended today and it went amazing. Although we had a few bumps in the road we made it through. I can't thank everyone enough for the constant feedback we have gotten from various players.

The next season release info:
Release Nov. 17th
No new spawn
World reset
New ranks
Many more things will be added to the server. We are working on them right now. We will release the full details when we can.

We admire your tenacity in the beta release of FactionsRpg season four.
Thank you to everyone who reported Bugs and Players. We take in your feedback for the server very seriously. We had very few bugs this release and hope to keep it that way.

The staff team thanks you. We hope you have a great rest of the season.
An event will be hosted on Wednesday at 8 PM EST.

Please make sure you are on. It will be a four-layer TNTRUN event hosted by ether Gorril, Me, or LuigiTechGamer.

The event will start at 8 PM and the cage will be opened at 8:05 PM EST. You will have 5ish minutes will get on the server and get ready.
Rules - PVP denied - If you lose items it's your fault - No flying - No hacking - NO CLAIMING LAND! - Rules can be added later on by any manager or above.
IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: FactionsRPG season 3 will be ending soon! Next Friday at 2 PM EST - We will be hosting events at that time so please be patient with us. We are working very hard on the server. - We will be switching to a dedicated server very soon so lag will be almost 100% resolved. - Thank you so much for understanding. We hope to see you on the server soon. () I will be posting event details on the website.
1) Thank you to everyone that has reported bugs, players, and have given us advice on what to change on the server. We will still take in feedback while we start working on next season on FactionsRPG. Thank you again for helping us with bug reports and much more.

2) Our store ( has an 80% sale right now and that will be ending soon! Please make sure to buy things before the sale ends.

3) We have brought on some new staff members. Notable members are CadeOPlays (As Jr.Dev) and Asodey as the new server partner owner. We have brought on a lot more staff but those are some of the notable ones. If you see anyone new please make sure to say hi!

4) Lag issue should be almost solved. We have switched hosting and will continue this host if we find it successful.

5) Rank giveaway: We will not be doing some of those for a while. We will be focusing more on large and big events that you can see in-game (At the wall of events) or I will post them on discord.

Thank you so much for being apart of FactionsRPG and we will make sure you have the best time on our server.

Best regards,
Foxie_Wolf (F. Manager)
Please do not post a comment in player reports. You may only post threads about the topic. Thank you so much. Please make sure you keep your threads on the topic to what section you are posting in. We will delete or move your thread depending on if it is on topic or off topic.

Warning: If you post +1 or +2 or etc.. that thread may be locked or deleted. Please make sure you follow our guidelines on the forums.

Thank you so much for understanding.
Best regards,

WARNING: If you believe this is being viewed in error please contact a manager or higher. We take all reports seriously and will not tolerate any false reports about a thread or player on our forums.

This thread will NOT be locked. You may comment your opinion on this thread.
Greetings, fellow Mages, Templars, and Marksmen!

Season 2 has been set to a week long, and ends this Friday, September 14th, 4:00 PM EST. During this week, we will monitor players on the server and gather suggestions/bug reports. The following season, Season 3, will release immediately on Saturday, September 15th, 2:00PM EST. The same map will be re-released, featuring a revamped economy, warzone envoys, worldborder fix, and other awesome updates.

Season 3 F-Top Payout Schedule:

Weekly Top Faction #1 - $60.00 USD Cash Prize & $100.00 USD Store Voucher

Weekly Top Faction #2 - $40.00 USD Cash Prize & $$75.00 USD Store Voucher

Weekly Top Faction #3 - $20.00 USD Cash Prize & $50.00 USD Store Voucher

Hope to see y'all on release!

FactionsRPG (Release 2.0)

Friday, September 7th, 4:00PM EST/1:00PM PST

Congratulations to the players that won top faction prizes last season!

For our second release, we've made tremendous fixes and updates in order to provide the best factions experience possible.

The second map will present -

A custom-built Overworld, Nether, and End spawn built by @Nuperu

Improved KOTH design and buffed rewards.

Optimized cannoning mechanics.

Crazy envoy drops every hour!

General bug fixes and lag prevention.

...and more!

While the first season was only a month long, this second beta season will last for 1 week.

1-Week Factiontop Rewards:

#1 - $40 Cash & $40 Store Giftcard

#2 - $20 Cash & $20 Store Giftcard

#3 - $10 Cash & $10 Store Giftcard

50% Off Store-wide @ on server release.

See you then!